Witches Hat 2

I need to sleep I am en emotinal reck rn..

I jst wanna fuck loki like…..I don’t really wanna fuck tom hiddleston I just wanna fuck loki…………„,.¿¿¿

if ur trying to have a converstatin with me after 2am what the ufck is wrogn wit u lmao

No, I wouldn’t.


make me choose:

↳  Anonymous asked: Iron Man or Loki  

↳  Anonymous asked: Thor or Loki


Guys… someone edited ALL of Loki’s scenes in the MCU so far (including deleted ones) to make a Loki Mega-Movie. I… I don’t even know what to say.


i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


my worst fears r that my favs r secret republicans…. 

Your birth right was to die, as a child, cast out on a frozen rock.


if you are hacker why are you stealing celebs pics of boobs?!?!

instead steal fucking deleted scenes with loki from thor the dark world for gods sake where is my scene with loki in fur



if ur not boycotting urban outfitters after this i dont want to talk to youimage

if you’ve ever not been boycotting urban outfitters i don’t want to talk to you

i mean it’s sold racist games and costumes in the past, a transphobic card (warning for slurs), stolen from artists, and appropriated countless cultures and now this

urban outfitters is disgusting tbh